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Car Parking
  • For St Martin’s, there are three car parks, two at the end of Brueton Avenue and one at the end of Park Avenue.
  • For Reynalds Cross the parking is outside the main front door.
Catch Up Lessons
  • If for any reason you are unable to make one or two of your lessons we offer a catch up service. To arrange this you need to contact the office where we will talk you through the availability.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Catch up lessons can only be taken after the missed lesson, within the same term as the missed lesson, they are subject to availability and a maximum of 3 lessons per term are available
Changing Areas
  • For child welfare and safety issues, children aged 8 years or over and adults are not allowed in the changing area of the opposite sex
  • Cubicles are provided for private changing and NOT for the private storage of clothes. Please remove all personal belonging from the cubicle once changed
Child Sickness
  • If your child has been ill, please leave 48 hours before returning them to swimming lessons
Class Sizes
  • The ASA recommend no more than 12 swimmers to 1 teacher, for quality lessons they recommend 1 teacher to 8 pupils
  • We have a maximum of 8 (on the very odd occasion 9) pupils per class and with the less able swimmers we often have an assistant as well, this is a great help to the teacher and the pupils; we do not, though, guarantee an assistant
  • If you would like any information about your child’s lessons etc, then please do not hesitate in contacting us, this can be done in a variety of ways which I have outlined below:
    • Phone us, the office is open Mon – Fri 9am- 1pm
    • If the pool office is manned then please do come and see us
    • Email us –
  • We gratefully request that you do not ask the specific teacher on the poolside too much, as their focus is on the children’s safety and on teaching the children
New Beginners
  • As new beginners require armbands or discs, it would really help us if you could put your child into these just before the lesson starts
  • This can save a lot of time at the beginning of the lesson and then more time can be focussed on the lesson itself. Many thanks
  • We are incredibly fortunate to have such wonderful facilities and we very much want to keep them in tip top condition, to ensure this, all outdoor footwear must be removed before entering the changing rooms and poolside
  • May we therefore suggest bringing with you some indoor flip-flops or crocs to wear (other forms of indoor footwear are available!)
Lesson Times
  • We always use the poolside clock as the reference to lesson times, the lessons are 30 minutes long (25 Minutes at Reynalds Cross due to the pool hire agreement) and this includes a few minutes change over time
Personal Belongings
  • Please keep all personal belongings with you at all times as Simply Swimming cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to personal property
Re-registration for the next term
  • To ensure we are able to organise and operate a safe and efficient pool for the next term, we need to know which children are returning
  • We do this by undertaking re-registration towards the end of each, this is when you pay for the next terms lessons
  • You will be notified via email
How to Re-register:
  • When you receive the notification, you are able to pay in a variety of ways up to the closing date. These are as follows:
  • Bank transfer via the online system
    • Over the phone by debit/credit card (we DO NOT STORE any card details)
    • Posted cheque
  • PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee your child’s place if you pay after the closing date
Refunds- Including Pool Closure
  • When you register and pay for your child, you are booking them into their specific space within their specific lesson for the next term, please make sure you are able to make your lesson day and time as we do not re-fund and the fee cannot be rolled over to any subsequent terms
  • We will however put the place on sale if you are unable to attend
  • If either pool is closed for one session at any one time by the school itself then we will refund that lesson against next terms fees
  • If for any reason the school has to close the pool for more than one session at any one time, then we will offer alternative lessons, please see our T & C’s
  • If the pool is closed by ourselves during any of our lessons for any reason then we are unable to refund as we still have to pay for the hire of the pool and staff on-site
  • There are showers on hand to rinse off after swimming, however please be aware of others and keep showering time to a minimum
  • The showers at St Martins can be a bit hit & miss, there is nothing we can do I’m afraid it’s slightly antiquated plumbing!
  • The showers at Reynalds Cross however are excellent!
Swimming Attire
  • Please equip your child with suitable attire, baggy long shorts make swimming harder as do tasselled costumes for girls
Terms and Conditions
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