Elite Lessons

For children who have completed their Gold Award, and still want to be challenged, we offer the opportunity to continue with swimming in our Elite Classes.



Our elite group sessions are designed for children who want to continue swimming after finishing the awards but who don’t necessarily want to commit to three, four, five times a week with a swimming club. Our sessions are an hour long and we cover a wide range of aquatic disciplines. Life saving, diving, competitive starts and turns, distance swims, speed and lots of specific drills and practices. It’s very hard work but great fun, sociable and rewarding for the children

Elite skills of work over the year

Throughout the swimming terms we work on lots of different schemes to push our swimmers onto bigger and better things. These schemes aim to challenge and keep swimmers motivated. Here are just a few of the things we work on:

  • Performance Skills for Frontcrawl, Backstroke, Breastroke and Butterfly
  • Rookie Lifeguard
  • Honours Challenge (extremely challenging)
  • Competitive Starts, Turns and Finishes
  • Speed and Distance Swims
  • Synchronized Swimming Practices