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We follow the National Teaching Plan set out by Swim England (Formally the ASA) and start right from the word go! Children are assessed continuously throughout the term with the potential for them to receive awards at the end of each term, both individual stage and distance certificates.

Please be aware that the Swim England teaching plan from stage 1-7 is all about teaching the correct technique and introducing different aquatic skills, rather than swimming long distances.  This makes for a more rounded learning experience and if the correct technique is mastered, swimming longer distances later on becomes much easier.

To see more information about each of the stages please click on the stage tabs below:

Shallow End Awards

  • Water confidence using floatation aids
  • Blowing bubbles
  • Moving through water
  • Aiming to achieve Puffin & Stage 1
  • Increasing water confidence
  • Floating horizontally on back & front with aids
  • Putting the face in
  • Kicking & pulling with floatation aids
  • Aiming to achieve Stage 2

Confident beginner

  • Face in water comfortably
  • Jumping in the water
  • Aiming to swim with no floatation aids: This is a very big step!
  • Kicking, pulling & breathing exercises
  • Floatation with no aids
  • Aiming to achieve 5m on front and back with no floatation aids
  • Not specific strokes just yet
  • Swimming further
  • Introducing stroke specific practices
  • Introducing proper backstroke
  • Aiming to achieve 10m on the front, back, proper backstroke and Stage 3
  • Aiming to achieve proper leg kicks for all the strokes
  • Frontcrawl arms over the water
  • More advanced floatation skills
  • Other water based skills, push & glides, rotations etc
  • Aiming to achieve Stage 4
  • Preparation for the deep end
  • Holding the correct strokes for a little longer
  • Aiming for a good understanding of front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke.

Without a good understanding of the strokes, Stage 5 will be very difficult indeed!


Deep End Awards

Introduction to the deep end

  • Confidence building
  • Getting use to swimming out of ones depth
  • Holding strokes for longer
  • Aiming to achieve confident strokes in the deep end
  • Aiming to achieve Stage 5
  • Practices for all the strokes
  • Holding all the main strokes for longer distances
  • Being confident in the deep end

Stroke Development 

  • Correcting breathing in all strokes
  • Building up longer distances
  • Increasing stamina
  • Introducing the wearing of clothes in the water and other safety practices
  • Aiming to achieve Stage 6

Stroke Development 

  • Holding all the correct stoke technique over longer distances
  • Stamina Training
  • Other aquatic skills like sculling, underwater swimming etc
  • Last strokes stage before personal survival
  • Aiming to achieve Stage 7

This is a Crucial Stage 

  • Survival skills wearing proper clothes (no pyjamas anymore!)
  • Aiming to achieve Personal Survival 1 & 2

Introduction to Distance Swimming

  • Speed swimming
  • Distance swimming
  • Different more advanced water skills
  • Aiming to achieve Bronze Award

Further Distance

  • More advanced skills
  • Timed speed swim
  • Longer distance swim
  • Aiming to achieve silver award
  • Timed Distance and Speed Swims
  • Even more advanced water skills
  • Aiming to achieve the Gold Award

An hour of Swimming

  • Exploring different aquatic disciplines
  • Training drills
  • Longer distances
  • Hard Work but Great Fun!

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